Wednesday, December 31, 2008



nothing more happier has happened to me yesterday then receiving my PMR results yesterday at 10.30am from my class teacher,Sensei Ainon..Arigato Sensei!!let me tell how the day started~
i woke up at 6 am..guess what i am doing soo early??it's 3 hours for me to get to my school...nway, i can't sleep the whole night!!my couzie has gotten her results when we were on our way...that made me more nervous...i was trembling!!i reached my school at 10.25am. Sum were seen with results on their, alas i got my results..Buzai congratulated me..ThAnK YoU!!my dad started receiving loads of calls and sms...went back too early..regretted dat!!huhuhu.That nite, we went to Sunway Pyramid to buy my reward..hahaha..i got myself a digital camera(Canon-Ixus) n an Ipod Nano!!luv both the cool would be the latest addition to my luvbies...luv them both!!
i'll upload New Year's pic later wif my new camera!!

Till then~~

Monday, December 22, 2008


"Keputusan PMR 30 Disember"
KUALA LUMPUR - Keputusan peperiksaan Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) bagi tahun 2008 akan diumumkan pada 30 Disember ini dan semua calon peperiksaan itu boleh mengambil keputusan mereka di sekolah masing-masing mulai pukul 10 pagi.Menurut Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran, Datuk Alimuddin Mohd. Dom, analisis keputusan PMR juga akan diumumkan pada hari yang sama di Putrajaya pada pukul 9 pagi.Seramai 472,060 calon di seluruh negara telah mendaftar untuk menduduki peperiksaan PMR yang berlangsung dari 13 hingga 17 Oktober lalu."

Oh Lord!!!What i am goin to do???results r juz days away...i juz dunno wat to expect...i'm nt trying 2 b humble or anything...but i seriously dont..y'all peeps!!..of coz..we would expect the lets c wat fate has in store for me....

tO aLl 23Rd BaTcH Of sEmEsTi...gud luck yo!!!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

2day's happenings..

i'm not an avid fan of him...bout i juz thought of writting sumthing bout him n his 'akad nikah''s none other than the so-called 'Raja SMS'...MAWI or his real name Asmawi Ani with Nora'ashikin Rahmat.It was aired live at ASTRO AWANI(106). With 'sekali lafaz', Mawi, the winner of AF3, became the husband of Ekin.They r having a three days event starting today with the 'akad nikad' then the receptions on both sides. One will be held at the Palace of the Golden Horses.
It just triggered me to watch it coz' dat's wat celebs do...get married in a grand-scale wedding but ending up in some court to get divorce...dat's wat we see in Malaysia..examples r Erra Fazira n Abby Abadi...but as wat ppl say...'manusia hanya Tuhan yg menentukan...'
To all Mawi fanz out there...if u want more pics or gossips on Mawi-Ekin..u can alwiz check out these links... or
nway check out some of these pics



Went 2 Colmar on Monday@15/12 stayed there overnight..coz mommykins had work there..was quite cold...eventually it was parents 17th weddimg we kinda celebrated it here...
the next day..we went 2 Genting...i was very excited coz it was my 2nd time here. I was 4 when i came here for the 1st it was very nice to go back n recall my memories...i played most of the thrill games...OMG...more pics on my friendster profile right here
so here r the pics of the day~

we r on SPACE SHOT...

the view frm the cable car~

shugan, dharshinee n me@ Japanese Village~


mommykins n daddykins~
me n dharshinee~

it's a tradition~

Friday, December 19, 2008


Sorry 4 the long pause..peeps!! i was away 2 Genting wif my family...will upload the pics later..i've been sooo curious bout photo is dis one fab guy dat taught me how to do it yesterday..Kudos 2 Dzulammar...luve u it was my 1st time doing it...i did using i used the pic of The Cutest Couple On Earth...Zanessa..i've been sooo obsessed with them starting from their 1st movie 2gether...HIGH SCHOOL guys dis is the pic dat i editted on my hw's it???

the before

the after

Thursday, December 11, 2008

#1 Post!!!

1st time blogging actually..hooray!!!...i've did it alas...dreams do come true...i guess soo...
1st post would b probably bout me n my world...lemme start wif who i am...I'm Bhavanee Arvinna...aged 15..scooling at SEMESTI (probably b de bezz skool eva)...coz dis is where i found de jewels of my heart...FRIENDS....dat's it...PMR o8' candidate of course...hope 2 achieve the best...results are juz days away..OMG!!!
let's move on 2 familia....there's Mommykins, Daddykins n de 3 Musketeers... which are me~
then it's Shugan...he's 13...he's one of the biggest fan of Liverpool...dat's rite...he's sooo much into taekwondo....he has represented Malaysia 4 kind of match....
then de las one...the crankiest one...Dharshinee..she's 11...goin 2 sit 4 her UPSR nex year...she is quite a tomboy..does not like skirts esp...loves 2 complain juz bout anything esp bout her big sis...dat's me~i can b very mean to her..alah i'm her big sis wat!!!dat's wat big sis does..

then movin on to Mommykins n Daddykins.Daddykins is currently active in politics...PKR to b precise...he's very strict bout our studies n the way we live life...but he's very soft in the inside....Mommykins, on de other hand is a gorgeous lady...Daddykins must b a lucky man!!!LOL...she's working as an Assc. Prof @OUM....she's a neat freak...evrything must b where it's belong..u have 2 cum 2 my house 2 c the truth.....

mommykins n daddykins with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

dat's it 4 de 1st post of the day...will definitely keep posting the latest news.....