Saturday, December 26, 2009

twilight maniac #4

"Even more, I had never meant to love him. One thing I truly knew - knew it in the pit of my stomach, in the center of my bones, knew it from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet, knew it deep in my empty chest - was how love gave someone the power to break you.
I'd been broken beyond repair."
-- Bella


my cousin came home for a sleepover...dat's gonna be great!!:)juz now we decided to buy a new tv set..with a home theatre the whole family went to get it....alas we went to Puchong Jaya n purchased the tv set...i'm happy coz finally we will have a bigger tv to least b4 the skul ends.the tv set is gonna arrive 2moro...i'll be at home to rasmikan it.he3..lolx

i missed sEHATI BErDANSA finale today....dat was kinda i heard SAZZY gt 2nd dat true????wat a pity!!!!i thought she's gonna nailed it dis year after ISMA....soo congrats to sein-nana.

a short post ahh???yup...sleepy alredi...

waiting to get my twilight tee:)

Friday, December 25, 2009

today..was a day full of family stories n chit-chatting....

at around 12++ i left my home with my sibs n mommy n grannys to my aunt's place for christmas lunch..the food was i was quite dissapoint coz i was waiting for the roasted stuffed turkey..yummy!!!bt it's okay..the food was good..then, i join my cousin to watch The Pink Panther 2....loads of funny moments!!!

then we went to another realative's house..i've nt seen them for ages..maybe like about 6 years???yup2...time allocated to be spent there was an we end up being there for almost 4 cousin juz cam back frm Russia...after doing medicine...sooo chatted with was soo much as time sis n bro n me were we watched click!!

came back had dinner n watched alvin n the chipmunks...

sooo..tomorrow i'll have my cousin over for a sleepover...soo long no visitors to the house...maybe another trip to the cinemas????anyone free???

ya...i'm very excited today cz...i've finally found my long-lost cousin,SHOBAN....yup...we r same aged.i last saw him was when we were 7 years..i think!!found him on facebook.the sad part was dat..he didn't noe me...he can't remember was quite heart nvr mind...we chatted quite long...n alas we r like normal cousins..i like it!!!waiting forward to see u!!!

merry christmas evryone!!!

juz wanna wish all malaysian christians a merryful christmas day n a happy new year.esp to:

-my lil sis...i'm soo proud of u..

-hey dude!!

-0mwok dh siap blum???

my blog readers
-welcum to my w0rld

n to family n frenz...

p/s:there will be a christmas dinner tomorrow my aunt's place.can't wait for it...yikes!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

NEW MOON again???

yup..i went to watch NEW MOON again...dat movie rocks...i was like watching it for the first tyme...u noe???..i went watching it with my sis...i was as usual during the movie....whenever there was dis part where edward or jacob comes out..and even edward's charming words blurting out...i shriek!!!yup...sis told me dat i acted like i it was my first tyme watching the movie....believe me..the first time was worse!!!lolx....

came back like around went dog-walking with ginger and coco to the playground...

today result pmr i heard my skul did well....2nd in Perak ahh???dat's a great piece of work...i'm proud of u u guys really kicked butts dis year..i noe u guys really struggled for as a nt be too proud of wat u guys had achieved.always be grateful to teachers, friends, and family...n GOD....n anyone who've had helped to achieve dis results....dat is the one thing dat was lacking in my batch..n i'm quite dissapointed.nvr repeat the mistakes of others bt pls learn frm it....dat is wat i'm asking u guys to 23rd batch...let's build up our spirit n work on hard bcuz SPM is there to prove!!!

i'm still waiting for my club's tee...

dat's all for today..

pics of the day:)


..:sis n me:..


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i'm a twilighter!!!

dis is also official....

i'm a proud to be call a member of the twilighters malaysia club.yup..i recently enrolled myself in dat club coz i thought it was is...i'm soon goin to buy the club t-shirt.soo, u can also join the club at

twilighters Malaysia official website

twilighters Malaysia official blog

twilghters Malaysia facebook page

it's OFFICIAL!!!

okie...finally we checked the MOE web...n it's official dat my sis will join me in SEMESTI...dat's one kind of horror...hw in the hell dis 2 sisters will be living in SEMESTI in peace..nvr i guess...soo let's c wat kinda problem we bring to the skul...lolx...

so..anyone of u who r reading dis n wish to check the status of any family members...u can do it at the MOE's here


Angka Giliran : BH0691012
Sekolah Asal : BBA8228 - SK TAMAN UNIVERSITI

Alamat Sekolah : TELUK INTAN
Poskod : 36010
Bandar : PERAK
No. Tel. Sekolah : 05-6411711

Tarikh Daftar : 11 Januari 2010 (ISNIN)

p/s:i'm sori

Sunday, December 20, 2009

i luv u

"i'm happy as long as you are happy,
but please don't make me deny the fact that i
still and always be loving U"

twilight maniac #3

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb."

"What a stupid lamb"

"What a sick, masochistic lion"

Saturday, December 19, 2009

finally home

byk sgt utk di post..but i will make it one-by-one...

so i wuz away for bout a week...cuz had to attend additional mathematics camp in was sooo much fun...mmg lwk glerr...our penceramah..CKGU ISHAK....omg..i still can remember the jokes he made..although sumtimes x lwk pun..ha3...

mmg we had loads of fun...jadual wuz we managed to hv fun in our own way...x byk gmbr i will post sum soon....

camp ni mmg bezz sgt..nvr thought addmth could b dis easy..but it's still susah though....

then.lter today..i attended my couzie's birthday..HAPPY BIG 10TH BIRTHDAY,LISHA!!...

came home had a BIGger n dad gt me a puppy as an early birthday gift..thank u......

watched aatam 100 vagai...megamix entertainment won the first place....there wuz this tribute fo juz went crazy over him again...

currently:on facebook,trying every quiz on T.W.I.L.I.G.H.T...obsessed!!!:))

Sunday, December 13, 2009

twilight maniac #2

You can sleep, sweetheart, I’ll carry you.
Edward Cullen, Twilight

twilight maniac #1

"I thought I’d explained it clearly before. Bella, I can’t live in a world where you don’t exist."

Edward Cullen, New Moon,

more twilight quotes coming out guys.especially for twilighters like ME!!!!

on F.E.V.E.R!!!

yup2...currently in had sum of her staffs yesterday for helped her prepared was feeling uneasy when i started cleaning the prawns with lil sis...n soon after my body went hotter n i slept n woke up at 3..nt 3am bt 3PM..yup2...

i still dunno whether i could make it or not to the ezy addmath camp at my skul....dat's is sooo nt cool!!!!wanted to see T.H.E.M soo badly..guess hav to move on with the flow..... God's willing...i'll make it guys!!!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

happy birthday:)

dis post especially dedicated to one of my best fren....MUHAMMAD IZZULHUSNI B. HALIM..yup...sweet sixteen ahh????

  • charming of cuz!!
  • sweet guy
  • very helpful
  • friendly
  • one of a kind

x prnh sngka ley rapat ngan izzul smpai mcm ni....we were juz frenz..but i believe now we r besties...lolx...kat 4IH..i think izzul is the one i'm really close to....he's friendliness makes evryone around him wants to know him better....


#2 hangout!!

finally i got to watch twilight:new moon saga...with sumone who i love n i noe this person would definitely b happy to see the movie with me..rite carmen????:)

it was definitely goin a normal day...okok wait...waking up at 9am from a phone call by carmen..isn't normal????wtf.....carmen called me at about 9am asking me whether i want to follow her to watch new moon together...y would i say no?????i said yes..n asked my mom to send us to mines,which was the nearest mall from my home..

we rushed to TGV cinemas n bought the 2.10pm show...we ate our lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop...believe me..we had a though tyme finishing dat meal...we jln2 a bit more...n the show began....

"i'm telling u new moon is a must movie to watch...i had nvr had the most wonderful tyme at the cinemas before...n thanks to twilight, robPat, taylor, kristen, stephenie meyer n the whole production crew...n especially to my bestest fren....carmen...i wouldn't hav had dat priviledge...the movie was great....E.C.L.I.P.S.E. is coming to the cinemas in June 2010...can't wait for dat one though...ha3..lolx"

after dat..we were sooo exhausted from the shopping thing..n i suggested sumthing fun to do....KarAoKe!!!!yup...carmen didn't want to do it....but finally we nailed it...we juz wanted to do one song..but at the end of the day we did 5!!!if my dad didn't call probably we had done more....i had so much fun..then it was time to go home....carmen came to my house...n i showed her my newly renovated home to her..she loved it!!

what i realised from dis hangout wuz dat...hw dis hangout mean sooo much to us....i done 3 things i loved most with sumone i loved most..dat is movies,singing n needn't sooo much to make sumone's may think what you did is just a small deed.but to sumone it means a lot of de day:

..:we r at the karaoke..:

..:ur de reason teardrops on my guitar(look at the monitor beside me):..

..:me n carmen:..

..:our lunch:..

..:who's dat preety gal there???....lolx:..

p/s:angel..i'm missing u sooo much..u were all dat i thought when i bought the tickets..

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

..:thank you:..

the truth????i didn't do it myself...sumone gave it to me as a if that person is reading...i would like to thank you..

When you are feeling alone like no one cares, read this cuz its absolutely true: Every night, someone thinks about you before they go to sleep. At least fifteen people in this world love you. The only reason someone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. There are at least two people in this world that would die for you. You mean the world to someone. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a look. Always remember the compliments you've received. Forget the rude remarks.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

#1 hangout

juz had mood to update u~~~

the first hangout with frenz dis it was with ADDY n his couzie,FARID n myself.sbnarnyerr rmai lg nk unfortunately they can't make it..

amir:ader reunion sek rendah
sha:gi kulim
fara:xde yg ley ntar
jiha:ader fly plan

at first there was dis car i waited for bout 1 1/2 at a chinese restaurant without doin finally i reached midvalley megamall at i made way to the centre court...where ader fashion show kat sne...mmg bez...then texted addy..n we met..n kami pun head to the COSMIC BOWL CENTRE...pack sial...mcm sardin...we played 2 games...was sooo much fun...

pastu kitorg gi tgk wayang plak...ha3...dis was sooo funny....line panjang sial...n along the way..kami bincang tgk filem finally we decided to watch 2012(although myself n farid had watched it b4)..dorg xnk tgk twilight:new moon...fine sesampai kami di kaunter...tiket for 2012 abis...twilight pun xde....sooo we decided to watch's a malaysian movie....very funny..but nt worth ur RM11 to watch it...k??then kami gi jln2 n soon after dat addy n farid headed home...

so i went jln2 alone...for about 1 hour ++..bought galaxie with adam adore him(who cares if he's gay...he's awesome)..then met with dad n siblings....kami gi mkn kat kenny rogers...dh lme x mkn kat sne....

on de way blk gado with my bro..bcuz of the tv..yup2...i wanted to watch twilight..n he wants to watch football.....

so dat's all folks....the pics of the day..

..:the galaxie:..

..:it's christmas in mid:..

..:they r njoying the game:..

Friday, November 27, 2009

twilight:new moon saga

so the latest craze is in the town!!!!


i hav yet to watch the anyone a date to the movies feel free to tell wanna watch it....evryone is telling it's gud...damn it!!! i hav to watch it.


My Love

okay..knape muncul perfume UB kat cni????
i'm nt doin ads ok...but juz nk tunjuk my new love....ehhh aku bkn's bcuz i love the smell of this perfume...sumpah suweeetttt....i bought it for my bro...hope he likes it....
n angel....we r obssessed ahh ngan mende ni????luv it sooo much la..

Thursday, November 26, 2009


smlm ader probs ngan blog ni....layout punyer psl lah!!!nk change layout tp x reti...mcmne yer????

so..yesterday we went to jusco...nk redeem voucher was d last kitorg mkn kat grannies dun like t'paksa mkn kat did'nt join us..he went to hindraf's 2nd anniversary...meeting kot!!!ntahlah...

i wuz very watched csi...n went to bed alredi...

bgn2...tgk keadaan umah dad went to bro gi jln2 ngan kengkawan mom n maid wat sis as after aku mandy...brekfast kul 11.30..pas2 tgk tbla...n i'm here updating my blog...

there's no reason 4 dis nk saty alive terpaksa....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

at home~~~ i'm back at home....trying to figure out wat to do nex...sbnarnyer..byk nk wat tp....bcuz it's lot....otak dh jam....lolx..

juz finished watching's a tamil movie...action +romantic flick...teramat sgt besh....sbb hero tu nsem...6-pack abbs babes!!!!finally got to watch it....akmal..kalo ko tgh bce mende ni....tgk filem ni...surya lakon dlm crite ni!!!k???

smlm abis kem wuz bezz...coz we got to learn new stuffs...bab f5...nerves are wrecking me....spm is getting yg x sronok is that hw it ended......some monkeys in my batch buat hal again!!!!!we dun want them to b here nex year....tlglah faham.....jgn kaco batch 23 lg.....nex year nk spm..x dpt keredhaan cikgu ssh....blajar drpd kesalahan kter mse f3.....batch 23 is of cuz greater without them!!!!so understand u guys!!!!

came back lmbt glerr 11 pm....mmg xde mood langsung nk o9...or update bloggie..byk glerr omwork....folio+handout+concept's ok i've gt another year in SEMESTI!!!

so hw did 2009 in semesti ended???very....emotion filled..of cuzlah cdey kan..but then....gmbira gak cuz dpt blk umah...

many people noticed the difference but why nt u????i can see that our friendship is nt getting any better since dat fight we had..kan???idk....but we r loosing apart....bkn mcm dlu......aku rindu!!!!!!zaman dlu2..kter cikgu rohaya..mse kechik2 dlu....thinking of this makes me cry..bkn nangis sbb laki but bcuz of the memories!!!!!!

..:i noe i'm right:..
..:gud luck with whoever ur wif rite now:..
..:remember 2 nvr hurt dis ppl's feeling...k??:..
..:will b missing u:..
..:will always b loving u:..
..:sori for everything:..
..:thankie for the space for me in ur heart:..
..:at least i had the opportunity to noe sumone wonderful like u:..
..:will nvr hav the chance to find a peson like u:..
..:we'll b frenz rite???:..
..:thank u and buhbye...for now:..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

two birds with one stone ahh???

dh lme x update kan???

i am at the makmal komputer.....searching for evidence for the debate tomorrow at ipoh(i juz knew it yesterday) aisshh!!the debate is between perak's cluster schools!!!!so damn it nervous bout it!!!!with ben here.....besides finding them am also updating this thing n also facebooking...lolx

wanted to go back home tomorrow but bcuz i'm damn it buzy dis week...cancelled dat is goin on a holiday...feeling very bad can't join them.....agak terkilan lah!!

nvr tomorrow nite will have f4 prefects dinner....sooo waiting for it.....hope i'll cum back early frm ipoh...friday..we'll b having addmath's retest for the whole batch....addmath's camp till monday.....

OK...skul's gonna end soon???liking it???obviously not!!!!although many sucking things happened in 2009...but it's a year to remember...i've shed tears..had the best new job in birtday celebrations....fantastico time with new clasmates n ma debate family!!!!!so u see although i don't like 2009 personally....the memories are there to b treasured


2010????the most crucial year of all.....SPM is freaking my ass out!!!!aaarrghhh!!!!hope it will b a gud early resolution ahh????dat's means 'berpandangan jauh'!!!hahahahaha

back to my main reason why i'm here now...

Friday, September 25, 2009


so...had to use the laptop as mommykins is using the computer for her work...sbnarnyerr dh lme x gne lappie..tu yg teruja tu.....:D

Bru habis men CSI:Dark Motives...kat sis' nds...but after like 1 hour of mind drooling moments...i finally gave up...nk wat pe....dh stuck!!!isshh...

sis finally hand over the sijil yg nk bg kat pengetua...WHY???wat happen???bkn aper..adik aq yg kechik ni nk ikut jejak kaki kakak dier yg dh berjaya....she wants to study at SEMESTI...u guys can believe it???even i'm trying my best to do so....she's soo determined to study there...if she cum to my skul then the real nightmare starts....will keep my fingers crossed...

so tomorrow will be the final day shopping for deepavali...will only be back for diwali.....but i guess thn ni nyerr deepavali x meriah..coz mom said diagnostik is on 19/10..and diwali will be on 17/10....exactly..i was gonna say that..wat the heck????hw in the hell i am goin to prepare????kate daddy..kalo dpt straight a's..blh dpt handset...tlglah wei...nk handphone!!! plan skul kot xnk aku dpt nset..jg ko skola....mmg x puas ati lorh....hw can like dis???xpelah aq redo jerr..hope i do my besh...okie2..

smlm aderlah sumthing happen to woke me up frm a dream dat was not longer special thanks to AMALINA...thankie gal...u've done it again....ur advice wuz an eye opener...sbnarnyerr rmai yg dh tlg aq...uncountable....bru realise dat actually many ppl care bout me....n soo wat if one doesn't..kan??kan???so aku nk mntk maap ngan smua yg aku prnh wat slh..sdar n x sdar...sorilah..we r all humans kan????x maafkanlah driku ini....

will love them forever...
p/s:today is Arthur's wat????of cuz it matters coz Black Eyed Peas are here in Sunway....kinda sad sbb x dpt gi...walopun dkat...nvr mind i'll catch sum other time...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


ari ni last day..klas +math..dis flawlessly means..aku blh tidur!!!!sjk blk umah ni..blum lg tdo lmbt...bezz aper tdo lmbt..blh ym...update bloggie....waiting for sayang...oops!!wat i really meant was my offence!!!

so..juz ptg little brother here..err..nt shugan!!but my doggie..he kinda juz ran away frm the house...i went searching for him in a direction and dharshinee went in the opposite direction...and finally we found him....we were soo mad at him...if u can ever read dis ginger....don't do it again!!okie???gud boy....

so...ari ni family went shopping for deepavali minus shugan...kaki dier went to ze once the heart of kl...skrang dh mcm downtown kl plak!!shopping at SOGO...xdelah byk sgt bli...dis year i'm thinking of goin purple...but guess had to change plan..bcuz...sume bju yg aku bli ader STRIPES!! 1st one was pink+black..2nd one was turqoise+beige(sumthing like dat)..3rd one blue+red..n ze last one is black+white with a dis sooo much*.*.unfortunately it's all stripes...ckap psl stripes ingat mse f3 dlu...for my bestie's(wat i'll call u now n forever..walopun tgh b'gado) birthday..blikan dier stripes blue shirt with blue+red stripes...polo..beb!!was soo cool...

back to once dh byr bill...we were heading out...n i saw sumthing...dis one salesman caught my eyes...he looked so like FRANKIE!!..sorry to say dis man..but yes he did..for a minute i thought it was frankie standing there *blush*...then seeing all the make up stuffs..left me thinking about dis one memory i had with my foster family..sape???sape lg kalau bkn ngan my debate family...yeah...we hav the big bro..big sis..n back to my story...tgk mende2(the makeup stuffslah!) tu...ingat kat nik syazne..yup!!ni yg nk crite ni...

so we went to the interschool UIA debate once we lost..kitorg jln2 ke klcc ngan miss chiew...dis happen mse nk masuk iSETAN...yup..exactly.kat bobby brown..nik nk bli salesgirl kat BB tu pon ajak nik utk wat demo mcmne nk pakai foundation ngan was sooo damn funny..dat i took a video of it..but unfortunately the video is with miss chiew now...sumpah mcm artis kne makeup...u noe with the lights shining on him...he wuz ze star of de day...dgn mke bangga beliau...dier knelah make-up by 2 gorgeous ladies....

dat's it for tonite...pjg yerr??al-maklumlah...dh lmer x nk bce??alah ckit lg nk abis...konfom x nk truskan????soo get lost!!!


Monday, September 21, 2009


walopun aku x sambut raya.....but actually i did!!!

so yesterday..we went shopping to jusco taman usual..cuz it was the nearest shopping mall...main aim was to do deepavali pathetic ahh???so we went strolling around....n then i found it....the t-shirt dat i was longing for all dis days......a white michael jackson was sooo sis and i got one each....bro got a hip-hop wuz sooo huge...XXL!!!he said dat wuz the size for it....WTW..

we went to a chinese restaurant.....u know ze one with many hawker stalls...dat's my fav..cuz we get to choose anything to bro n sis insisted us on eating there bcuz they were screening big screen the football match between manchester united vs manchester finally mu nailed it with 4-3...dat wuz kinda cool..bcuz of owen's final goal....(mcm commentator plak!!) it was kinda noisy..and i was already feeling took my iPod out..started jamming on my own:(...came back at about 12++ n went to bed.... wuz kinda tired....

there will be jodha akbhar movie on zee tonight at 9.00pm..don't forget to catch it!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

attention to all fourth formers out there.....

sape yg nk join kem easy's on 16-19 outsiders fourth formers....u can join us with a fee of RM's held at SEKOLAH MENENGAH SAINS TELUK INTAN...

places are LIMITED...feel free to contact me or the school ASAP..

early raya celebration????

juz came back yesterday...wuz nt in a very good went to bed early without even online now dat's a RECORD...LOL...

as the RAMADHAN is comin to an end n SYAWAL is showing its class had sumthing to be celebrated....we celebrated our first raya together(mcm couple plak!) on the last nite of prep...credits to our class teacher miss siti mariam...she prepared us 100 sticks of we spent the nite enjoying the presence of each other...n forgetting all our sorrow(esp ME)...

..with ama+mira..


n now dis is n yus with


u guys are God's sent great big family....thankie all....aku SAYANG smua....we may fight..we may nt agree on each other...but if one of us r nt happy....then we'll be there to support....believe me i experienced it myself.....

will update later....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

wanna go back!!!!!!!!!

nk blek..
nk blek.....
nk blek...

ari ni f4 blk's sooo sad..juz watching them leave the school..but then i managed to fly...using the right way lah!!!my self,jiha n's juz damn boring juz being in at least blh in va now...rmai bdk feberet katekan....

4 ibnu haitamers managed to be veterinarians ze other day....ahahaha..we sacrificed 3 frogs n fish each..wat's dis all bout????the other day..under the surveillance of our biology teacher,miss rosma...we operated 3 was soo much fun..n exciting...although the smell was soo not gud...there were many pics taken but...dis damn computer is nt reading my camera...aarrghhhh!!!!

i'm trying my best to get rid of him frm my my mind...better still forget him....but i noe it's nt dat easy...he had been part of my life already...dis week had been too harsh for me...i'm laughing on the outside..but only GOD knows how i'm suffering on the inside....although i feel he has nothing to be blame upon..but my heart says otherwise...i wanna feel 'love' as others do....nt being jealous...but...i guess i have to follow wat fate has in store for me....

see u guys on monday..take care...luv u guys...

p/s:tomorrow marks the 1st anniversary..MUIN left us all.....may his soul rest in peace....

Sunday, August 30, 2009

ooh lala

..:dh straighten rambut:..

bob cut ala victoria beckham

x sbr nk blk skul....rindu sial!!

nk gi tdo..

esok ader exam addmaths..


so..sbnarnye...first time kna tag ni....x prnah wat kat sape2 n x prnah dpt dr tgh terharulah ni...(tgh lap tahi mata ngan tisu 'premier' di tgn)..thankie tag nyerr ialah...

"sila ceritakan 15 perkara yang org tak tau pasal awk dari awk kecik2 dulu smpi sekarang. seterusnya, sila tag 5 org rakan awk pula. terima kasih."
1.dlu mse kecik2..rmbut aku pnjg....pas2 ader ekor smpai ske wat misai gne rmbut tu...
2.dlu mse sek rendah..darjah 6...spt biase..after pj..nk tukar bju.kalo dh mls sgt..tukar bju dlm kelas jerr....kitorg amik turn utk jage line...tkut2 boys msk....(budus!!)
3.mse kat sek rendah dlu..aku ni aktif lari tau..mmg slalu gak mng...nme first yg slalu kne pilih utk wakil rumah putra(rumah sukan aku dlu yerp) skrang...
4.kalo deepavali jerp...aku akan tunggu hamper..sbb dlu aku ngan adik aku..ukur tinggi..gune hamper..ader gmbr kami sama tinggi ngan hamper..hihihi
5.menangis waktu first time nk gi tadika n sek rendah..bkn menangis tp meraung..mcm bru mati laki..:(
6.mse gi Las Vegas....slalu gak kena halau dr hotel lobby..yelah..underage sape suh dorg bina kasino dkt sgt ngan lobby...!#$%&*..yelah setiap kali turun lif...msti ader bodyguard tunggu kat luar.. "where's ur mommy n daddy???u r nt allowed to be here"..isshh..taulah aku..mse nilah..mak ayah aku nk try luck katekan..
7.first time jatuh cinta..mse darjah 5....mmg lawak...blerr fikir x kapel yerr...kitorg tau..kitorg suke sme smpai ari ni...
8.sblum msk semesti...aku x ske dgr lgu skrang sgt ske...kalo blh setiap kali lgu bru..nk jerr msk dlm ipod aku....
9.disbbkan xcited sial nk tgk mana setangginya kt istana budaya ari tu....aku jatuh tangga.mse tu nk tngkp gmbr kt tangga...tetibe rse mcm kamera nk jatuh...coz kasut high heel..well..nk stabilkan bdn ke tnh jg..sumpah segan...malu sial....n kuwang ajor nyer aizad(don)dr ari tu dier buli aku nk sebarkan news ni..esp kat akmal....
10.dlm idup aku smpai skrang..aku lg byk prnah ader crush ngan laki melayu....ntahlah why???'s true...
11.mse f1..f2 dlu..aku prnah terfikir kalolah aku jd prefect..mcmne ahh????kalo ari jumaat jerr..non-muslim blk awal...aku amik chance ni..utk wat trial kat bwh.."perhatian kpd smua...." tp x terfikir yg aku btul2 dpt...
12.prnah nk jd disbbkan busy ngan debate...terpaksa let go...nway aku tabik sean..
13.aku prnah gak nk try pose sebln???tp slalu fail...hihihii...n ahh..nk prnh try pakai tudung kat umah...sumpah lwk...pinjam org gaji nyerr....hahahhaha
14.aku x ske kucing!!!!!!sbb dlu slalu tgk tom n jerry...jerry yg slalu klh..pas2 kalo tom ltak bom...bulu jerry msti tegang mcm kna electric current...aku pun cayelah....smpai skrang...
15.dpt ilham nk wat blog ni.....after tgk k.anis,aidira's,amalina's n of cuz frankie's...
pnat btul!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009



yup...i' m currently obsessed with dis soo beneficial kinda entertainments..novels....credits to modengs....i'm currently reading my 2nd malay novel....'CINTA KAU DAN AKU'...credits especially to anne(the reader) and shafina(the owner)...

.:cinta kau dan aku:.
My first malay novel was 'SEPI TANPA CINTA'...for goes to akmal....he borrowed me dis book during the pasca PMR....after futher push from datcainy..i finally read it...dat book was aww...

And now my current obssesion are english novels....again credits to anne and afiq..u guys instill the love of reading english novels especially cecelia ahern's in me....and bcoz of dat i'm now the proud owner of two novels...which are 'THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES' and 'THINGS I WANT MY DAUGHTER TO KNOW'.bought it at the bookfest...thankie mommykins!!!luv u lots!!

pics of the day:

sista with james lee(author of Mr.Midnight)

dat's to ciao....pasar malam is waiting....

me says:today is the 1st anniversary since ABDUL MUIN left us....according to the Islamic calendar...He is deeplt missed by every soul of 3M08 gens and of course 23rd batch of SEMESTI...thankie Addy for remembering me...may his soul rest in peace...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

lyfe of a student??

it's been ages....

Juz came back yesterday for hols...deeply missing everyone at home.but..i guess the minute i landed my feet on the ground at seri kembangan..i'm missing a far yet so near to my heart...haiz--

'pnatlah lyn karenah cikgu2 kat semesti...mmg x baik kutuk kan kalo cikgu dh mmg mencabar kesabaran remaja skrang ni....aishh..juz dunno wat to tell....'

lately...i've been feeling soo disturbed about dis one particular news...maybe it's juz mere rumours..but then..there is a they???i am nt sure either!!i am juz hoping dat everything would turn out fine...n would nt interefere/disturb my relationship with my buddies..loved one...n my STUDIES..of course!!!n kpd yg terasa dh wat slh kat batch tu...tlglah sedar..x baik mengkhianati kwn sndri tau...i juz hate BACKSTABBERS!!!!!plizz nvr be one...if u want me to be nice to you....

Angel alwiz says.."k.burney..luperkan yg wat kiter cdey..kiter ingat mende2 yg wat kiter gembira...coz dat will make u smile..."

so...talking bout the last 2 weeks....will definitely make me smile like there is no tomorrow....hihihihi..

see i told ya???

Akmal had some 'problems' with the skul mangement..n it was interfering with my plans for his birthday(7th August)..i didn't want dis to spoil his we continued the so-called birthday party for Akmal at taman was a suprise bday party..n indeed akmal was shocked.there were like 15 of his frenz waiting for him...n i juz love dat particular night bcoz it was everything(and more!!) dat i had dreamed of for his bday..the good news was dat...akmal was freed from any charges...he is still a prefect..n honestly,although i don't really like him when he is a prefect bcoz he is nt himself when he is one...but dat is wat gives me strength to continue my life as a prefect..inspirasi katekan??dat made me sooo much we started spending time together as the exam was approaching..dat whole week was one dat i would remember throughout my life....


i'd passed my taekwondo grading, belt is on my way...thank you,sir...

we celebrated MODENG_10's bday on 20th August.....YUSHADA ABDULLAH had finally turned 16.may god bless in everything u do....remember WE are always there for u..luv u lots..

SEMESTI has once again lose a icon today...SIR RAJENDRA VELLUPILAI....following the footsteps of MR.ADDENAN OSMAN(now PK for STAR,IPOH)....there was dis send off ceremony for him yesterday....he has touched the hearts of many souls with his soft words...we would nt possibly get another math teacher as good as him anywhere....thank you sir..for everything u hav done for us prticularly the taekwondo club...we woud be nothing without YOU!!

i am goin to klcc today for the bookfest...dharshinee(little sis) is getting her MERIT AWARD from JAMES LEE...her book came out top 10 books in Singapore...Congratz!!!!'s getting too late....

buhbye...will blog sooner or later....


Friday, June 12, 2009

no boundaries_adam lambert

No Boundaries Lyrics

seconds, hours, so many days
you know what you want but how long can you wait
every moment lasts forever
when you feel you've lost your way

and what if my chances were already gone
i started believing that i could be wrong
but you gave me one good reason
to fight and never walk away
so here i am still holding on

*with every step you climb another mountain
every breath its harder to believe
you'll make it through the pain, weather the hurricanes
to get to that one place
when you think the road is going no where
just when you almost gave up on your dreams
they take you by the hand
and show you that you can
there are no boundaries
there are no boundaries

i fought to the limit to stand on the edge
what if today is as good as it gets
dont know where the futures heading
but nothings gonna bring me down

jumped every bridge
run every line
i risk being safe
i always knew why, i always knew why
so here i am still holding on

with every step you climb another mountain
every breath its harder to believe
you'll make it through the pain, weather the hurricanes
to get to that one place
when you think the road is going no where
just when you almost gave up on your dreams
they take you by the hand
and show you that you can

you can go higher
you can go deeper
there are no boundaries
above and beneath you
break every rule 'cause there's nothing between you and your dreams

with every step you climb another mountain
every breath its harder to believe
you'll make it through the pain, weather the hurricanes
to get to that one place
when you think the road is going no where
just when you almost gave up on your dreams
they take you by the hand
and show you that you can

there are no boundaries
there are no boundaries
there are no boundaries
no boundaries
yeah, there are no boundaries

yay..ppl..i'm currently soo obssesed with dis song...NO BOUNDARIES...yup..actually it has two version of this song..the adam lambert n kris allen....but i like the lambert's version wat if lambert is gay....he's still caliente hot!!!ahaks!!wtw..T.T..

njoy the song!!!

me says: kalolah aku blk semesti...sape nk tlg aku wat chemist????

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

goin back to semesti???nope perhaps!!

goin back to semesti???nope perhaps!!!

juz don't hav the feelings to go back to SEMESTI...i hate semsti for wat it is...***..T_T..
dunno y i'm saying dis..but i've got sum major probs in semesti..n i juz can't continue living there...
hav told mum n dad...they r quite dissapointed..but..folks...if u want me to hav a beautiful n succesful lyfe..then semesti is juz nt the place i should be...
i noe dat i'll definitely do better outside...i noe it such a stupid action to do for an indian like's not easy to get place in SBPs' but i juz can't live there anymore...
perhaps i juz won't cum back to semesti after dis hols...soo anyone esp:
dak batch 23
--juz wanna tell u guys rock...will miss u like hell...OMG...can i go through dis???need help??

4 Ibnu Haitamers
--keeponrocking!!!!modengs stay strong n together forever...

--luv u lots...i'll remember u guys forever....i promise...

semesti taekwondo club members(esp *****)
--i can't keep thinkin y r u guys in the list...but it's definitely u guys secured a place in my heart..sumpah ingat zaman wat semesti close..n dat fun moment..we organized the first ever f3 twd dinner..dat was superb cool!!!i swear dat...cainy,akmal,yazid,bad,angel....will miss u lots+definitely+terribly+affectionately+wateverly

my db8 family
--guys..sori to dissapoint u guys..but i'm leaving for good...thankie frankie...for teaching me evything dat i must noe...sean,k.zack,nik..luv u alls...syairah,syahmi,ben,jackie...keep on practising..make sure semesti is the best in zone nex year bru blh gi kebangsaan kat KELANTAN...

so all in all....



Monday, June 8, 2009

FuN sItEs!!!

---no blogging mojos' now!!!!-----

but hav been blog-walking..n found sum of my frenzies...n juz luv how they do whatever to their blog!!
so here's sum:---

better check them out..u guys won't lose ckit jerr....nnti i'll go more site-seeing...

p/s: esok nk gi swimming...i'll upload the pics if i snap anything!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

hannah montana:the movie

today???gi jln2 at sunway pyramid..basically bcuz dharshinee won sum tickets to hannah montana:the reviews bout it..they were gud...soo was excited nk gi tgk!!today is the 1st day screening nationwide...soo kinda was at 7.20 pm...but i was much more shocked when my buddies wuz also there...anusha+carmen+shammah+ranjani...missed u gals soo much!!!soo..mmg shocking tahap dewa dpt jumpe saw the movie with them..gals...we dead gonna see another movie 2gether rite???perhaps 17 again???hihihihi
as usual..

my sista

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

hksbp 2009@ssp,cyberjaya

Juz came back frm HKSBP in SSP,Cyberjaya.....bezz glerr dowh....cdey coz x dpt join....but still went there to give support to my teamates...juz stayed there for a nite...sooo results??...hw did my skul did????urrmm...basketballers=valours..they did a gr8 job..but tooo bad they did'nt manage to go to the round 2.last match was between team????they r the warriors of the skul!!!kudos to haziq(3 times bez speaker),aminul(1 time bez speaker), n azmi..nt forgetting the fellow reserver safwan....they proceeded to the 2nd round...lwn ngan saina....i salute them 4 wat they r....mse lwn ngan saina...3/4 of the room wuz saina's supporters!!!but still they got trough it n nailed it...then for the suku akhir....luck was nt with them when they lost to sains did'nt manage to the round 2..but won one match with intep(integrasi pekan),sean wuz the bez speaker...went jalan2 to alamanda.before cuming back...manage to buy 2 tees for me and urrmmm...wuz bold n r sum of the pics..

me says:till then...wait for the HKSBP 2010....