Saturday, January 31, 2009

last post???

last post ahh??
yup...goin back to 'dearie' old skool...SEMESTI....tomorrow...the hols were too was like yesterday i came back...n were unpacking the bag...n now..i'm alredi packing up the bag..
woke up at about do some homeworks which were nt done yet...ate breakfast n o9 for a while...then helped kakak to do a chocolate was delicious ..seriously!!!then went to buy some reference books...SPM is like sooo getting near..('s next year..duh??)..ate at KFC..nope i didn't drink Coke......i'm the midst of trying to ban all ISRAELI products....they should nt have done wat they did to the Palestinian people....n now i'm packing all my things cz i'm goin back early in the morning...oohh..i'm definitely gonna miss home..hope it will b finished when i come back later.....sooo happy to get a new bedroom all by myself...thought of having a high school musical themed amazing!!!or should i opt for a red n white themed bedroom???urrmmm.....

me says:gudbye fellow bloggers....juz wanna do some early wishes......HaPpY vAlEnTiNeS to all!!!


#3 Post!!!

urrmm...woke up very early today cz had to send off mommykins to the airport..she's goin to Kuching,Swak...then went back to sleep till 10++....hihihihi..bad ahh???nway it's the hols....then ate brunch at a chinese restaurant....did some more i did some 'karipap's with kakak(maid) was superb delicious....was raining very heavily during the couldn't go to the park...huhuhu...went out for dinner....then watched a movie with the family, a Tamil movie, Vaaranam Aayiram(movie was fantastic+romantic+touching)Awwwwww..n now i'm here..o9ing for about 3 hours alredi....duh??

me says: kinda fun doin the karipaps cz nvr had done it it's kinda to learn new things...


Friday, January 30, 2009


have no blogging mojo juz want to share a conversation i had with a friend over the long hols last year..<me n Izzul>*.*.....i was very fun to have a friend like was a very long i have edited it...dadidada....

bhavanee_rv: tgh wat per?
alia_6661: nie nk maen game bru
alia_6661: jap lg
bhavanee_rv: kat umah ke???
alia_6661: yup2
alia_6661: release tension dlu
alia_6661: chating2
bhavanee_rv: tensyen sgt kew???
bhavanee_rv: sbb bowink kot!!!
alia_6661: mmg la
alia_6661: xde pe nk wat
alia_6661: wey
alia_6661: cikgu ade bg homework x
bhavanee_rv: add maths
alia_6661: bg ak salinan ley x
alia_6661: ikowt ym
bhavanee_rv: ok
alia_6661: thanx taw
alia_6661: parents xmrh kew chat mlm2?
bhavanee_rv: x kisah pun...
bhavanee_rv: asal x melampaui bts sudh....
bhavanee_rv: x gi cuti kew???
alia_6661: x
alia_6661: dh blek H.K
bhavanee_rv: hong kong kew??
alia_6661: yup
bhavanee_rv: blerr ko gi n pulang???
alia_6661: ak g ahad lps
alia_6661: n blek khamis ari2
bhavanee_rv: melancong ke @ alasan kerja??
alia_6661: mkn agin
alia_6661: haha
bhavanee_rv: bezz kew???
alia_6661: blew la
alia_6661: tp mkn ssh..mhl
alia_6661: bygkan mkn pg
alia_6661: rm50 dwet kte
alia_6661: huhu
bhavanee_rv: gi disneyland x????
alia_6661: gi
alia_6661: byk gurls punyer mainan la
bhavanee_rv: ohhh..
bhavanee_rv: mak aku gi ari tu...
bhavanee_rv: ats alasan keje...
bhavanee_rv: tp sempat mkn anginlah...
alia_6661: ko ikowt ?
bhavanee_rv: nope...mase tu still skool
bhavanee_rv: dier beli souvenir HSM utk aku dr disneyland
bhavanee_rv: huhuhuhu
alia_6661: tp ak xtaw mcm mane nk transfer picture dr memory card
bhavanee_rv: msti ader kabel kamera ke pc...smbgkan jerrlah..
alia_6661: cabel my dad bwk blek srwk
bhavanee_rv: bwk memory card ko tu ke kedai gmbr...
bhavanee_rv: nnti ko juz transfer ke dlm cd
alia_6661: xpnh try
bhavanee_rv: konfom blh..
bhavanee_rv: yup
alia_6661: kene caj bpe ringgit ?
bhavanee_rv: kalo cd skali...RM3/5
bhavanee_rv: nnti upload kat fenster...yer??
alia_6661: mmg pown
alia_6661: ak kesian kt diyana
alia_6661: tringin sgt tgk mickey
alia_6661: hahaha
bhavanee_rv: mkn ssh x nk cri???yg halal??
alia_6661: mmg ssh
alia_6661: ade pakistan food tp expnsv
alia_6661: ape ley bwat
alia_6661: kene mkn jg
alia_6661: huuhu
bhavanee_rv: btulah tu...
bhavanee_rv: mse aku gi US....
bhavanee_rv: aku cube pikir...aper yg org islam mkn kat c-tu???
alia_6661: oo
alia_6661: ko g us?pergh!!!
bhavanee_rv: 2005
alia_6661: bes x ?
bhavanee_rv: bezz sgt...
alia_6661: haha
alia_6661: disneyland ?
bhavanee_rv: gi vegas beb....
bhavanee_rv: gi juga
alia_6661: waaa
alia_6661: kasino !
alia_6661: hahahaha
bhavanee_rv: yesssss
bhavanee_rv: rambang mata kat sana...
alia_6661: tgk las vegas kt AXN dah taw
bhavanee_rv: btul.....
alia_6661: why org islam kt sane ?
alia_6661: ssh ek
alia_6661: pork?ham?
bhavanee_rv: ader restoran melayu
bhavanee_rv: kat sne kn depa x kisah mkn aper...
alia_6661: ryte2
bhavanee_rv: sme ngan org cinalah..
bhavanee_rv: org india kn x blh mkn lembu??
bhavanee_rv: tp aku hentam jerr
alia_6661: hahaah
bhavanee_rv: nk wat cmne!!
alia_6661: xkew God mrh
bhavanee_rv: dh mntk maap dh...
bhavanee_rv: hihihihihi
alia_6661: nk tanyer
bhavanee_rv: ya..
alia_6661: Hindu smbhyg pg2 ek
bhavanee_rv: yup n ptg skali..kul 7
alia_6661: ptot la laloo KLIA ramai org kt temple
alia_6661: ko mkn pork x ?
bhavanee_rv: hmmm..mkn
bhavanee_rv: tp not kat umahlah..
alia_6661: sdp kew?
bhavanee_rv: coz aku ader maid dr indon
bhavanee_rv: sdplah gak..
alia_6661: muslim ek
bhavanee_rv: yup..solat
alia_6661: mcm ayam ek ?
bhavanee_rv: lbh liat.
alia_6661: tp kan jgn mkn sgt taw
alia_6661: ad ad cacing dlm 2
alia_6661: sbb 2muslim are not allowed
bhavanee_rv: prnh dgr dr jiran aku...dier org cina..
alia_6661: sbb 2 from the beginning, God dh larang
bhavanee_rv: cacing tu walopun dimsk...x blh mati...
alia_6661: soo..reduce ek
bhavanee_rv: ko nk tau sumthing x???
bhavanee_rv: ok
alia_6661: pew ?
bhavanee_rv: akmal prnh trsilap bg aku mkn daging tau..
alia_6661: hah ?cmne lak ley jd
bhavanee_rv: mse tu ari sabtu...
bhavanee_rv: nk celebrate b'day dier...
bhavanee_rv: aku n jiha gi outing..
bhavanee_rv: ayah dier antar mknan...
bhavanee_rv: so dier ajak aku skali...
alia_6661: ooo
bhavanee_rv: sooo...aku pun gilah kan...
alia_6661: then dier bg ko mkn ek
bhavanee_rv: dier x bg tau pun
alia_6661: hmm...lupe la 2
bhavanee_rv: dier tgh njoy katekan
bhavanee_rv: soo...aku pun mknlah...
alia_6661: when enjoy...sume lupe
bhavanee_rv: tetibe rse len plak...
alia_6661: mmg janggal kan
bhavanee_rv: bru teringin nk tanya kat akmal...
alia_6661: sian ko
alia_6661: pas2
bhavanee_rv: brulah dier britau aku n mntk maap kat aku
alia_6661: hahahah
bhavanee_rv: hahahaha
alia_6661: humans
alia_6661: xley wat sume perfect
bhavanee_rv: yup..
bhavanee_rv: sronok kan duk m'sia ni...
bhavanee_rv: b'bagai kaum hidup ats dsr perpaduan...
alia_6661: ryte2
alia_6661: bkn cm negara laen
alia_6661: war
bhavanee_rv: btul3
alia_6661: m'sia ?
alia_6661: peace !!!
alia_6661: adek ko cm shah rukh khan laa
lia_6661: hahah
alia_6661: yg spiky 2
bhavanee_rv: ohh..
alia_6661: yup
bhavanee_rv: kakak dier??
alia_6661: sis dier ?
alia_6661: hahahaha
alia_6661: mcm beyonce
alia_6661: hahahaahhahaha
alia_6661: wei...ak nk maen game bru la
alia_6661: tata
bhavanee_rv: buhbye
alia_6661: bye2
told ya it was fun.....hihihi

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


woked up at about 9 sumthing...took bath n got dressed up...put on a t-shirt dat will definitely bring back thousands of class tshirt which was autographed by all 23rd batch on the last day of school(last year)...wore it n was very proud..ahaks...mommykins went to work...daddykins went to the funeral procession of Kugan, the suspected car thief, who died in police custody last week...he created massive headlines in news and papers...condelences to his family...may his soul rest in shanti shanti..
after lunch, did some homework bio+physic+history...then watched some tv programmes...then o9 till 5++...long ahh??LOLs..walked my doggie to the park again!...took bath and after dinner did some more homeworks n cont to 10, watched CSI:MIAMI...although it wuz a repeated episode...juz have to watch them cz hav missed a lot...sob3..continuing to ym wif tat till now...still goin strong...ahaks..


me says:hav no idea for the love poem homework dat miss chiew gave!!!any ideas anyone???feel free to give ur suggestions

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

me love u

nothing to do with the title....yo peeps!!

a productive day????perhaps!!
woke up at 9 something(it's early 4 me)...was feeling much better than yesterday's high fever....grandpa came after few hours...went to the nearby clinic...i alwiz hated the visit to a there i some medication for my fever n flu....sob3...ate lunch at nenek's place...i had always loved her's better than any 5 stars hotels...i can bet u that!!!then at n sister, walked my doggie to the park...he was enjoying his day out as for me.....i was also enjoying the fresh air with musics from my Ipod....watched some movies then at 9.10pm...went out for dinner at a chinese was good...came back watched some more tv...and here i am blogging(i am still new at i need time to learn...ok!!!) am ym'ing with izzul rite now...he's a massive laughter....he's definitely making my day out..juz wif his wits....thankie izzul....



me says:waiting for that 'someone'..but guess i hav to wait a little longer....


Sorry to disappoint you
But love isnt a game
And your girl isnt your trophy
She's not for show
Love deserves better
Because in love
Nobody should get hurt
Nobody should cry.

'I love you' is an 8 letter phrase
But so is the phrase bullshit
Dont get me wrong
i'm not a love hater
Just dont say you love me
When you dont even know me
Are all the gifts you gave me were just payment for you to lie to me?
So I guess it's RM1 per lie, huh?

I wonder
How do you sleep at night?
Knowing that you lied to me for yet another day
How could you be so selfish?
Am I not good enough for someone like you?
Anything you say after this
wont justify what you did to me
In the end

You still lied to me
You still broke my heart
Just so you know
I'm nobody's fool
What you give you get back
Believe me
I dont lie
Are you worried now that I might tell on you?
Dont worry
I wont tell your sweetie, your honey, your dear or whatever

All I want is for you to tell me
what really happened between us
Do you even remember?
Or you just forgot?
I promise you
I'll act as if everything's normal
I'll answer everytime you call
I'll be there for you whenever you need me
I'll smile
and never once would you see me cry
I'm your best kept secret
and never once would you see me cry

I always was and always will be
Truth is
I dont hate you.
No matter what, I still care about you.
The question is, do you care about me?

Monday, January 26, 2009

i've just uploaded my pics to the here's my birthday pics guys!!!!

jiha n me

my fwenz!!


we r the same

the present(thankie akmal n tat)

dat's it for today....will update later....
me says: very happy today cz got to ym wif 'someone'...hehehe

Happy CNY!!!!

Wishing all Chinese in the world (esp who reads my blog)...a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year. Hope the Year of Ox, bring us luck, love, prosperity and peace!

HaPpY cHiNeSe NeW yEaR!!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

bringing back memories..

i'm finally back at home for the CNY's been 3 stressful,wonderful,brightful,sadful,excitementful weeks in SEMESTI....lot's of thing has changed in semesti for the year 2009...our class(form 4's) are know at the lowest ground..worse still my class is the first class at the entrance of the school.the name has also changed...mine 4 IBNU HAITHAM(used-to-be 4SM).form 1 came on the 12th January.they r like sooo dead lampi(it's what we call d**** slow in malay) n annoying..arrgghh!!!!Lots of new teachers n some of them r juz great...i luv my english teacher...miss CHIEW ..she's lot's of fun...yeah!! n not forgetting my new subjects....arrgghhh!!!Biology, chemistry, physics, mod maths n add maths!!!!but i'm loving them loads!!!LOLs...on the 19th i was chosen as the school prefect...which ofc i hated it...but had to accept bcoz of family not sumone who follows rules are made to be broken!!!moving on to my private started out not good...sob3...we didin't talked for 10 full days n i didn't know why!!!it's kinda weird bcoz we didn't hav any probs during the hols....but one faithful day...on the 11th(komeng's bday)...for the 1st time he talked to me...n dat means a lot to me...huhuhu....
on the 15th(tat's n aili's bday) we had our's quite early....i did my best n i came!! least it's better than last year...come 20th...dat's the most meaningful birthday i would ever's my sweet 16th birthday!!the first wish came from Angelina...thankie Angel!!!but at 12am...i was at E1 for the whatsoever prefect's meeting!!!at school everyone wished me...n ofc i was very happy dat my frenz noticed my existence in the school(nt being sacarstic) lots of fun dat day..we had high table on dat was's like they knew it was my bday...hahaha.then came the surprise that i was not expecting(dat's why it's called suprised..duh??)tat n akmal gave me one of the biggest n heaviest present i hav ever received...was quite shocked cz akmal n tat didn't even talked to me the whole day nt even a wish sooo...was definitely astounded!!!hahaha..went to ptefect's meeting with miss 11.45pm i opened the so-called present...juz to find a brick and some sweets in it..(pics in coming post)laughed all nite long with my dormates...hahaha.....n now i'm here at home in front of the comp. juz to bring back the memories i had along the 1st month in SEMESTI...
till then,buhbye

me says:KUDOS to SEMESTI's rugby,netball n road-run team for emerging winners at the district level.