Saturday, January 30, 2010


we left home like about 4am..juz to make sure we find a good spot for parking n lesser crowd during the wee hours.n thank God we did...the jam was bad.lesser crowd???no difference...people were pushing...we saw some kavadis...mum n dad decided to stay we(sis,bro, and me) climbed up the steep flight of 272 stairs...yup2...

then we went jalan2...bought some sweets...then see more kavadis...n at about 11+ we left batu was soo tiring....i slept in the car...everyone except dad...we ate our lunch at stephen's corner in ampang....

so for who didn't make it juz now to batu is a glimpse of the day:

.::the tallest murugan statue in the world::.

.::one of the beautiful kavadis::.

.::at about 6am::.

.::aeriel view::.

.::inside the cave::.

.::remember the time::.♥

a little sumthing from my heart...was torned apart...n without realising it i wrote a long poem bout it n tears came rolling...

i saw ur face yesterday
it brought back millions of memories
tried my best to forget bout it
but i can't,not enough strength to do it

u noe
i never try to deny
the best moments in life was with u
i see the best of me through u...ur eyes
u let me show the world
the inner beauty dat i possesed
thank u ♥

u gave me hope
in which i believed in
and made it into dreams
dreams of seeing just
U and Me forever
thank u ♥

never dis to happen
but it is
u r juz hand-reach away
but i can't feel ur presence
ur breath blows my hair slightly
but i can't smell u
i can see u
but it's fading,dear
u touched me
and i felt numbness in my hand

i'm remembering the time
when u r always there to hear
my nonsenses
u make me laugh for no reasons
when u always make me fell right,
just to be beside u
n u make each single day,special
u r my intricate memory
thank u ♥

something is ripping us apart
we r not like those times anymore
if its because of her
then i'm not suprised
i'm missing u already
guess i have to let it go
i have to WALK AWAY
believe me
it isn't easy, my dear

now, that you've left
it is making me thank u
for the 'sumthing' dat u left
i'm learning to understand
people better
not to be fooled again
not into falling for people
easier anymore
wanna make it go the other way round
LOVE STORY is a memory now
thank u ♥
just to make sure everything's ok..
i'll be praying...

if u r reading offence to came out from me solely n heartly....

Friday, January 29, 2010

MSR_Minggu Silahturrahim

juz came back juz now...byk nk 'cer' ni...sempat kew sblum nk skul ni??

so form 1 masuk 12/ startlah minggu orientasi dorang..tetibe jerr smau akak2 form 5 garang...sumtimes its juz soo funny..x prnh dier nk tengking...tetibe marah kan...mana taknye..form 1 lampi SHIYAL....

i wuz one of the fasilitator..kinda kengkadang..rse mcm dipinggirkan...huhuhu..nvr dat tyme smua busy....the best part of MSR would definitely be the malam bakat...aka malam ceritera muda mudi..ala retro..i wuz in charge of the mestilah kne gempak n we nailed it!!..rmai suke n puji...thank God n fellow fivers...we made it into a great nite...

pics of the day:>

..:team opening:..

..:malam pesta muda-mudi:..

..:luv it:..



Sunday, January 3, 2010

last day..

  • went out to buy my stuffs
  • x abis packing lagi:P
  • ipod is charging
  • pics saved to lappie and pendrive
  • new songs is dowloading
  • omwork nt finished
  • bought them presents for their upcoming birthdays
  • eager to c the ones is missed soo much
  • cdey nk tinggalkan umah...
  • rse nk nangis!!!!:(
  • waiting for 11/1...sis is coming..
  • gtg....packing2...

buhbye for now...

Friday, January 1, 2010

au revoir 2009

haven't been blogging lately...dats bcuz didn't had anything to blog about despite coming back late from year end's been a tradition...

so yesterday..we went to Berjaya Times Square to actually pick up my twilight tees bt we ended up spending like 8 hours isn't it???juz luv the's simple bt i like one for my sis..met up with sis Nurul...she wuz one of the creator of twilighters malaysia..she wuz very sweet n beautiful...we went jalan2...n did sum serious shopping..we bought soo much was quite,hat,sunglasses,tops...byk was fun too...we wanted to go cosmo it was quite late we kept it for another day...

my bro wanted to buy a limited edition(i think??) after times square..ate dinner like around 10..n dad drove to petaling street...scary definitely a place to go...shops were closing..soo nt much could be done....



shopping utk skul plak!!

we went to kajang..mmg stiap thn gi cni to buy our skul stuffs...bought me a pair of bju kurung, uniform, n a shoe(luv the shoe) thank u daddy!! mainly it was for my lil sis, she'll join me nex year...had to buy all the stuffs...we went to buy books for my bro n couzie...they r sitting for PMR dis year...after dat we decided to watch yg available were avatar n vetaikkaran(a tamil action flick) obviously we chose the tamil movie..we ate satay(kajang's most famous food)...n went for the movie...bezz gak..byk syoklah...huhuhu...after the movie we had like mere 10 minutes for new dlm kereta we started singing songs n looking out for fireworks...spotted one two..n b4 reaching home...we went to eat at malaysian's favourite hangout spot...the mamak stall...lalalala~~

in conclusion:thn ni new year wuz bezz..coz although its was nt like sumwhere happening like i was happy coz..we were in the car as a whole family..n it wuz nice..

i wanted to end this post for 2009 with my lappie is nt reading the memory might do it sum other time...

au revoir 2009..

welcome 2010...